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Half Crescent is a London based creative which provides musicians with the resources to sculpt audio and visual projects without limitations, including recording, production arms, track building, songwriting, music videos, photography, branded content, artwork and more.

Since 2018, Half Crescent had a determined focus to provide artists with the tools to create opportunities and has since secured successes globally.

"Half Crescent’s music production and visual arts set-up provides a unique combination that allows musicians to fulfil their potential ”

In the past year Half Crescent has secured production/songwriting placements on major playlists including Selected, Mr Revillz, Chill Your Mind and Ministry of Sound and many more thanks to creating a unique harmony between new artists, producers and visuals aimed for the international market.

"We provide musicians with the freedom to work on their creative identity without limitations." 

The Half Crescent project was started by Ben McConnachie.

Ben is an experienced producer, songwriter and artist who gained millions of streams with his songs and who’s visual marketing using both vintage analogue equipment and current technology has helped artists reach sell-out shows and online fan-base growth.

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Ben McConnachie